To guarantee that every translation we provide is completely accurate, a rigid set of quality checks are fulfilled before each project is completed. At Andes Translations, every project is translated, edited and proofread by separate qualified linguists. None of our projects are complete until they go through this meticulous process.

  • TRANSLATION : Working with hundreds of linguists, all native speakers of their language with the vast majority living in their respective country, our translators are able to provide you with expert language translations. All of our translations are performed by one of these highly skilled linguists.
  • EDITING : After translation, the piece is thoroughly edited by a native speaker. With a focus on language to ensure the piece flows smoothly, this step guarantees the voice of the translation is consistent.
  • PROOFREADING : As a final step to ensure the accuracy of the translation, all pieces are proofread by one of our expert linguists making certain all content and formatting is correct. This final step guarantees the translations we deliver to you are completely precise.

Each of these services can also be offered individually.

Andes Translations also provides Desktop Publishing and can work with:

Quark InDesign FrameMaker